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a birthday message for Luis

Dear Luis,

When you reach the age when I will let you have your own computer, I hope you swing by this little entry i especially wrote for you.

On this special day , seven years ago, I received a miracle from God.... and it is you my dear Luis.....I was so happy!..  
You've grown so much little boy!
I always find myself amazed with the things that you say and do! You are so smart!
I am so proud of you!
I am sorry if Tatay needs to be away from us most of the time.I know you understand why. Tatay loves us so much. That's why he is working really hard for us.Remember how I remind you to always say thank you to Tatay for all his sacrifices for our family? Don't worry my dear, i know that soon, in His perfect time, we will all be together in one place. I am sorry if Nanay can't give you everything that you want (even if it's breaking my heart) especially the things that are not important. You'll realize soon why i need to do that.

Thank you for being a loving Kuya to your little brother.Thank you for being so caring and an overprotective kuya to Enzo. Enzo loves you so much.Thank you for preparing his milk when he needs it, for getting his shirt,pants and diapers. Thank you for changing enzo's shirt and for throwing enzo's soiled diapers in the trash. You are always so proud of yourself (being the big brother), every time you help me out..It's hard when Tatay is not here right? I just want to tell you how much it means to me to have your help especially now that Ate aida (househelper) is not here.Thank you so much anak.
Thank you for always setting up the table.Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for the little things that you do that i forgot to mention. We're so happy to see that you are growing up to be such an amazing person.

What I want to tell you right now is that Nanay loves you so much. You are my life and my heart beats for you, your little brother and Tatay.

May God guide you always with His loving hands..
Happy 7th birthday Luis..
You will always be my little boy.....:)



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