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Photography 101 - by Jeff Cua

Who doesn't like pictures? or taking pictures?

It is quite obvious that nowadays everbody's addicted to picture taking or photo op, (sometimes written as photo opp ) short for photograph opportunity.

But even with the advent of digital technology, not everyone is a pro when operating a digital camera.
Here's a workshop entitled Photography 101 with Jeff Cua to further help us in our digital quest on information on good photography .

Registration is free!!!!!

See you on September 18, 2010 , 3pm at Powerbooks Greenbelt !


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finally able to view your blog, nagerror kasi before..too bad i can't follow you mommy, we are on different platforms kasi..but will check again if i can somehow follow your blog...good day and hoping to see you in the next mommy blogger event..kisses to you kiddos!mwah!:)

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