This year's FILA Cup was extra special. There’s no more appropriate greeting on the lips of Fila fans this year as they salute 2013 with the much anticipated annual Fila Polo Cup, this edition promised to be more colourful than ever because of its unique theme: Brazilian Carnival!

           Fila Polo Cup 2013  happened on February 10 at The Manila Polo Club at Forbes Park. The Low Goal game started at 2:00pm, and the High Goal game at 4:00pm. The festivities started at 6:00pm with more glitz than ever before. Brazil-born actor and FILA endorser Fabio Ide hosted the event.Entertainment was provided by Guarana, the Escola de Samba de Manila Dancers, the Maracuja Dancers, and Talentadong Pinoy Hall-of-Famer Astroboy.

           Fabio’s fellow FILA endorsers Georgina Wilson, Borgy Manotoc, Tim Yap, and FILA’s first couple, the ever gorgeous president and CEO of FILA Philippines Cris Albert, and husband and company chairman Butch Albert graced the event. Butch Albert also happened to be celebrating his birthday on this month of hearts.

           The entertainment has been especially prepared to bring the concept to its full. Guarana is the country’s leading proponent of traditional and authentic Bossa Nova and Samba. The Escola de Samba de Manila, founded by the same minds behind Guarana, has taken unto itself the task of bringing Brazilian Carnival to the event with their bright, festive colors and infectious, pulsating rhythms. An authentic Mardi Gras festival indeed without leaving the country!

           Astroboy will not disappoint with his fiery display of fierceness and fabulosity. He is Manila’s premiere hoop artist and a Talentadong Pinoy Grand Champion, as well as a Hall of Famer from 2011 to 2012. Astroboy is largely self-taught, learning the art of the hula-hoop in Paris, and honing his talent as part of the New York-based troupe The Gyronauts.
Butch Albert
Club Muah Girls_Tessa Prieto Valdez


           Why Brazilian Carnival? Merely because when it comes to emotion, color, atmosphere, and sheer over-the-top joyous celebration, there’s nothing that beats the Brazilian method. This is a perfect welcome for FILA’s bigger direction in 2013, a new era for the brand that features innovation while still taking its cues from a rich and storied past. FILA is the oldest and wisest of the brands, and throughout its history, it has stayed true to boldness, color, and design. Fans can look forward to more of this, but taken to a whole new level.

           New brands and new lines equal a new level of excitement for FILA die-hards and those just discovering the marque. The revamped range includes sport and lifestyle masterpieces for everyone.

           FILA Everest – The old adage goes “tough times never last but tough people do,”. Everest is a no-nonsense brand that believes in dreaming big and doing big. It is built for those who lead the extreme active lifestyle, who regularly tread on the cutting edge, the nature adventurer; yet it remains comfortable, allowing more freedom of movement without sacrificing durability. Lightweight but protective, Everest shoes are designed to meet the performance needs of the adventurous.

           FILA Outdoors – More than a brand, Outdoors is an answer to a question. It is a response to one of the deepest and most basic of human needs, the desire to bring back the simple joys and pleasures of childhood. It is the direct result of the blood that runs through our veins, and the revolutionary return of the Pinoy. It is what FILA consumers want and need.

           FILA Tiva – The Heart of Tiva is escape, a yearning for love, light, freedom. It is for the girl who takes the road less traveled. The Soul of Tiva is the mantra “follow the light.” It represents a new lifestyle and culture that loves the open sea, freedom, and nature. It follows alternative sports like surfing, diving and kiteboarding, but with less emphasis on performance and more detail on the soul.

           FILA Freestyle – A new hyper brand forged by the classic timelessness of FILA Vintage and the irresistible call of FILA Outdoors. A brand full of strength and personality, it screams youth at its prime but reflects a respect for the classics. Freestyle is for the Old Timeless, Livewire, Agro, Emo, Creative fun-seeker. Freestyle is anything but shy.

           FILA believes that sport is an artform, a combination of beauty, luxury, and passion, form and movement. Sport can be viewed as a painting in a gallery or a ballet in a theatre. Sport is inspiring and inspired. As a company founded in Italy, FILA, more than anyone, recognizes the art of sport, the importance of design, and the feel uniquely tied to it.


           Fila shops are located at the following branches: SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM Cebu, Ayala Malls Glorietta, Ayala Malls Trinoma, Ayala Malls Pavilion, Ayala Malls Market! Market!, Ayala Malls Cebu, Ayala Malls Marquee Pampanga, Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Ermita, Robinsons Cebu, Robinsons Iloilo, Robinsons Bacolod, Robinsons Lipa, Robinsons Metroeast, Robinsons Dumaguete, Robinsons Tacloban, Robinsons General Santos, Robinsons Ilocos Norte, Limketkai Cagayan de Oro, Island City Mall Bohol, Festival Mall Alabang, Ever Commonwealth, Ever Cainta, D’Mall Boracay, Gaisano Capital Tacloban, Gaisano Capital Ormoc, Gaisano Capital Kalibo, NCC Mall Davao, NCC Mall Tagum, LCC Legazpi

           For more information about Fila, log on to

AQUA: The biggest pool party in the metro!

It's getting hotter and hotter these days. The summer heat wave is really ramping up with the global warming.

What's so great about a heat wave? It's the perfect excuse to come up with a summer pool party!

On April 28, dress up in your best summer fashion and have a fantastic time at Manila Ocean Park. We are bringing out all the elements to make AQUA – the coolest event by the bay area. Swim and groove the night away as the sun sets at 5pm onwards. See pumped-up performance from top local bands Silent Sanctuary, Tanya Markova, Moonstar 88 and more. Have some refreshing drinks at Liquid Pool Bar and Lounge and listen to the pulsating beats of house music and club DJ. Be part of the grand launch of Brand magazine - the newest hip publication in town.

Check out over 300 breathtaking marine life species at the Oceanarium and marvel as you see live penguins for the first time in Trails to Antarctica. Meet adorable South American sea lions in the Sea lion Show and be mesmerized with graceful dancing fairies of the sea in Jellies Exhibit. At nighttime, a fusion of laser lights, water screens and other special effects are the highlights of the spectacularAQUA Musical Fountain Show.


AQUA is an event you can't miss since this is the introduction of the latest technology to make Manila Ocean Park the first high-tech theme park in the country. The park has recently launched instant information download through mobile phone and other digital enhancements for guests' ease of access and convenience. Avail of an e-wrist tag that lets you access Facebook and Twitter in real time. You can post status updates and share to your friends while having fun in different attractions.

Ticket price is P300 inclusive of entrance to AQUA, 2 drinks and e-wrist tag and will be sold at Manila Ocean Park. For details, visit or call 567-7777 loc. 151 and 155.


AQUA is presented by Ensogo Philippines, Flawless, Brand Magazine, 105.1 Crossover, Hotel H2o, Liquid Pool & Lounge, Zenyu Eco Spa, Makan Makan Asian Food Village and Quix!

a birthday message for Luis

Dear Luis,

When you reach the age when I will let you have your own computer, I hope you swing by this little entry i especially wrote for you.

On this special day , seven years ago, I received a miracle from God.... and it is you my dear Luis.....I was so happy!..  
You've grown so much little boy!
I always find myself amazed with the things that you say and do! You are so smart!
I am so proud of you!
I am sorry if Tatay needs to be away from us most of the time.I know you understand why. Tatay loves us so much. That's why he is working really hard for us.Remember how I remind you to always say thank you to Tatay for all his sacrifices for our family? Don't worry my dear, i know that soon, in His perfect time, we will all be together in one place. I am sorry if Nanay can't give you everything that you want (even if it's breaking my heart) especially the things that are not important. You'll realize soon why i need to do that.

Thank you for being a loving Kuya to your little brother.Thank you for being so caring and an overprotective kuya to Enzo. Enzo loves you so much.Thank you for preparing his milk when he needs it, for getting his shirt,pants and diapers. Thank you for changing enzo's shirt and for throwing enzo's soiled diapers in the trash. You are always so proud of yourself (being the big brother), every time you help me out..It's hard when Tatay is not here right? I just want to tell you how much it means to me to have your help especially now that Ate aida (househelper) is not here.Thank you so much anak.
Thank you for always setting up the table.Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for the little things that you do that i forgot to mention. We're so happy to see that you are growing up to be such an amazing person.

What I want to tell you right now is that Nanay loves you so much. You are my life and my heart beats for you, your little brother and Tatay.

May God guide you always with His loving hands..
Happy 7th birthday Luis..
You will always be my little boy.....:)


Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines' Online Church Visit

The Catholic church relaunched Visita Iglesia Online,a lenten website, last April 1, 2011. It features seven churches that one can visit with audio recordings of prayers and the stations of the cross.This is very helpful for overseas filipino workers( OFWs) like my husband , who want to continue the Visita Iglesia Tradition even if they are abroad.

Visita Iglesia or "church visit" is practiced during Maundy Thursday to commemorate Christ's sufferings.
CBCP still encourages everyone especially those who reside in the Philippines to have the Visita Iglesia the old fashioned way.

Visita Iglesia Online can be accessed through CBCP's website, 

Let me share this reflection from the Catholic Bishops' Confrence of the Philippines'website.

Prayer and the Season of Lent

By Most Rev. Leonardo Y. Medroso

THE Season of Lent summons us Christians to pause and pray. It is a time of grace to look deep into ourselves, examine the motivations that drive our life, our status with the community and the environment, and above all, our relationship with the Transcendent without whom human life becomes a tumble of mess and meaningless bits of unrelated events. As it is said, an unexamined life is an existence not worth living.

Deep prayer is based on reality. It is not an imagined relationship with God, neither is it a mere conversation with the Father in Heaven clothed in pietistic burst of emotions and interesting words. Genuine prayer is reality. It aims to bring us down deep into the realization of the Samaritan woman in John’s Gospel who, having been unmasked of her immoral love life and accepted it as a matter of fact, immediately asked Jesus about the nature of a true worship that is acceptable to God. In tender words Jesus answered her: “Believe me, woman, the hour is coming when you will worship the Father neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem… the hour will come—in fact it is here already—when true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth: that is the kind of worshipper the Father wants. God is spirit, and those who worship must worship in spirit and truth” (Jn 4:21, 23-24).

Prayer confronts us to the truth about ourselves. It brings us to the hard realization that life which runs independently from the plans of God because it leans more to the promises of this world is always an empty one, a life devoid of meaning, wrought with so much lies, disappointments and frustrations. As Jesus once declared: “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but losses his own soul?” This realization is critical to prayer. For it is only in this knowledge of our emptiness and inanity of life that we are led to search for another reality, the reality of God’s love who is ever willing to embrace us with his mercy. Psalms 69 gives these hopeful words to the despairing sinner who deep inside him realized that God is a Savior: “In your loving kindness, answer me, Yahweh, in your great tenderness turn to me, do not hide your face from your servant, quick, I am in trouble, answer me. Come to my side, redeem me, from so many enemies ransom me” (16-18). For me, the sharp description of a man in prayer is the blind man of Jericho found in the Gospel of Mark, who, having heard of Jesus passing by, unmindful of the scorn and insults of the people around him, threw aside his cloak, ran towards Him, unashamedly prostrated before Him, and begged: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of David, have mercy on me a sinner” (cf. 10: 46-52).

Prayer therefore is a discipline. It is a rigorous study of our life and serious acceptance of the demons that drive our day-to-day activities and behavior. As a discipline, prayer first of all takes on the form of listening to the Word of God offered in abundance through the liturgical readings. God speaks to our hearts and entreats us not to disregard His voice, for the words that He utters are guideposts in our itinerary of faith. “If only you would listen to him today, ‘Do not harden your hearts’” (Ps 95:8). It is a sad commentary to the history of our salvation that we are found ever stubborn to the Will of God, stiffed neck people. We think that we know better than God; that our plans are better than His. And so, like our first parents in the garden of Eden we go our separate way, listen more to the tantalizing whispers of the snake in abject disregard to the persistent invitation of God, ever declaring ourselves autonomous, godlike. No, it is not true that God is jealous of our nature and our innate power. On the contrary, He wants us to participate in His life. We are after all His children. But we mistrust Him, we defy His plans. We insist on our own designs of achieving this power (cf. Gn 3: 1-19).

Along this line, Pope Benedict XVI in his Lenten Message advised us: “ During the entire Lenten period, the Church offers us God’s Word with particular abundance. By meditating and internalizing the Word in order to live it every day, we learn a precious and irreplaceable form of prayer; by attentively listening to God, who continues to speak to our hearts, we nourish the itinerary of faith initiated on the day of our Baptism…. The Lenten period is a favorable time to recognize our weakness and to accept, through a sincere inventory of our life, the renewing Grace of the Sacrament of Penance, and walk resolutely towards Christ.”

To get back to our God, we have to bow down and pray, listen to Him again and obey.

Awwwww moments

April 20, 2011

7:11 pm

"I love you po Nanay, I love you so much po!"  - Luis


What more can i ask for?

Thank you Lord for giving me a very sweet baby.....

Memory gap (in children?)

nanay: what are these luis?( while nibbling on pistachio nuts)
luis: hazelnuts?
nanay : no luis .these are pistachio nuts .say pistachio luis...
luis: pis ta sho
nanay: okay luis . very good..

after a few minutes...

luis : mmmm yummy ...
nanay: what kind of nut is this again?
luis: hhhmmmmm
nanay : starts with letter P
luis :(thinking) hmmm    Poh nuts? pohnuts!
nanay : hehehheh no... pis______
luis: Pis..nuts?
nanay: pis ...ta__________
luis: Pista nuts? pistanuts!
nanay : no...
luis: ahhhhh.... pistayronuts!!!! pistayronuts!
nanay: hahhahhahha ..(suko na ako kakatawa... )its pistachio nuts...

According to Teacher Melissa Fernandez Abaya , co owner of The Little Apprentice Preschool ,children (especially between the ages of five and eight) are processing so much information in their young brains that it is often difficult to recall everything.

Children , like adults, do forget. Reassure your child that remembering is a skill he can learn like any other.

From GH November 2010 issue
To help your child:

1.Teach him how to remember.
Saying  I forgot or I don't remember may become a bad habbit
2.Be positive and supportive.
Give him follow up questions related to what you are asking.This will help stimulate his mind.
3.Eliminate factors contributing to such mental block
Substitute  tv and video game time for more mind challenging games. Just like our muscles, the brain needs to be exercised regularly to keep it at an optimal level of strength.
4. Be active.
Giving your child more time outdoors will benefit his mental progress and prevent him from feeling lazy and lethargic.
5.Provide a good diet.
Make sure he eats food with Omega-3 or carrots as these contain carotene , a well known memory booster.

Teacher Melissa Fernandez Abaya earned her Masters in Basic Education Teaching from Boston College, USA and the Ateneo de Manila University.

Photography 101 - by Jeff Cua

Who doesn't like pictures? or taking pictures?

It is quite obvious that nowadays everbody's addicted to picture taking or photo op, (sometimes written as photo opp ) short for photograph opportunity.

But even with the advent of digital technology, not everyone is a pro when operating a digital camera.
Here's a workshop entitled Photography 101 with Jeff Cua to further help us in our digital quest on information on good photography .

Registration is free!!!!!

See you on September 18, 2010 , 3pm at Powerbooks Greenbelt !


Ang lechon ni Nanay Naty
Yesterday I went to shakeys quezon ave. To reserve a time slot for ian's 7th birthday on august 23,2010. luckily I got the 4-6 slot that Jeng ( my sis in law ) wanted.since elarz is not too far away from shakeys , despite of the heat... I opted to go there and bought lechon for my mother in law . It was too hot on my way home.... I rushed home because of the extreme heat I couldn't the same time...I wanted Nanay to taste the lechon while the skin is still crispy...
Well my efforts are worth it coz Nanay obviously enjoyed her lechon.Nanay always tell me that she doesn't like to eat meat anymore . Except for lechon.hahaha .We were both happy .nanay's wish was granted..afterall, what's a couple of a hundred bucks compared to a mother in law's happiness and satisfaction....(just reminded her not to eat too much so she will not get sick......):) it' s such a nice feeling to make somebody happy in my own little way...</p>

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Miracles do happen....


Last dec 29, i was rushed to the e.r. of capitol medical center because of severe abdominal pain...good thing my sister was available to accompany me that morning (5:30 am)
I was really worried and in staff told me that they can't   give  any  pain meds for me bec im pregnant....the doctor ordered for labs ,urinalysis but its all normal..they even gave me a medicine to stop the contraction of my uterus.... i was really in great pain that i just prayed and helped myself find a comfortable position and tried to sleep...they ordered for an ultrasound and we found out that  there's a stone at the end of my left ureter ready to fall into the bladder.i was somehow relieved by the thought that it has travelled from my left kidney down to my ureter....and anytym ready to fall into my will not be easy i know but i just prayed ang hoped that it will be flushed out...we went home after 12 hours of battling with pain...

This afternoon,i accompanied luis to school to give my gifts for teachers and classmates...and then i watched i love you goodbye all by myself at sm north ..when i went home i headed straight into the cr and suddenly felt a great deal of pierce like pain..i almost couldn't 
 breathe only to realize upon inspecting my urine that i passed out the small stone already! It was so painful!....but i am relieved knowing that i flushed it out!

i flushed out the kidney stone without undergoing surgery...Thank you so much Lord! Thank you ..thank you....

Thank you also my dear unborn are my lucky charm.....and you were the one who helped nanay because you always kick my bladder......thank you my dear baby boy......for kicking the stone out .....i love you

And to my son  Luis,thank you for always praying with me and being with me when i am in're such a loving and sweet son because you always feel for me..........i love you...

To my sister Gigi..thank you for waking up early and for bringing me to the hospital..i really appreciate your effort....i love you...

To my mommy ..thank you also for all your prayers..your prayers really helped a lot..and for fetching me at the you mommy

And for all  the people who prayed for me...thank you so much....

Last but not the least.. to my   dear husband
who's    always there for me .....though we're miles apart....i know that i am always in your prayers...thank you so much for your prayers.........( it worked!) and  thank you for your concern for me and for your love.........
i love you honey....


Bonding with my baby luis

I've been very busy for over a month yesterday i decided to have a special time with my son luis....It was his day yesterday!
We watched Panday , let him played at Kevin's Trinoma, he requested for a new toy so i bought him a toy of his choice that is not expensive...When he got hungry he whispered something to me .."Nanay i want to eat something with cheese dip just like in Dubai...."
i figured it out for a moment and realized he was referring to taco bell...and just perfectly we passed by taco bell and he shouted 'Here Nanay! i like to eat here!"

Left with no other choice , because it's his special day...i gave in to his request....nachos and cheese dip.....
Luis obviously enjoyed his nachos because i ordered 2 extra servings of nachos....hahahhahaha...

i asked him if he's happy..and he answered  positively..i got  a happy face i decided to go home......

Luis was very happy and tired...i was also very tired because my tummy is very heavy..but it's worth it...i enjoyed our time together...especially the kisses and hugs that luis gave me.....
He is such a sweet child...thank you Lord for giving me Luis ...and for letting me realize and feel how special and wonderful  it is to be a mother...



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