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Ang lechon ni Nanay Naty
Yesterday I went to shakeys quezon ave. To reserve a time slot for ian's 7th birthday on august 23,2010. luckily I got the 4-6 slot that Jeng ( my sis in law ) wanted.since elarz is not too far away from shakeys , despite of the heat... I opted to go there and bought lechon for my mother in law . It was too hot on my way home.... I rushed home because of the extreme heat I couldn't the same time...I wanted Nanay to taste the lechon while the skin is still crispy...
Well my efforts are worth it coz Nanay obviously enjoyed her lechon.Nanay always tell me that she doesn't like to eat meat anymore . Except for lechon.hahaha .We were both happy .nanay's wish was granted..afterall, what's a couple of a hundred bucks compared to a mother in law's happiness and satisfaction....(just reminded her not to eat too much so she will not get sick......):) it' s such a nice feeling to make somebody happy in my own little way...</p>

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